Shingo Katori's first musical in NYC.

VENUE: NYU Skirball center for the Performing Arts

November 12, 8:00pm preview
November 13, 8:00pm opening
November 14, 2:00pm & 8:00pm
November 15, 3:00pm & 7:00pm
November 17-20, 8:00pm
November 21, 2:00pm & 8:00pm
November 22, 3:00pm


DETAIL from its information:

Talk Like Singing is the first-ever original Japanese musical to premiere in the U.S. This energetic and heartwarming comedy is a never-before-seen style of musical theater.

A unique young man named Tarlow knows only how to communicate through song and dance. Tarlow appears to go through life happily singing his thoughts, regardless of his mood, because of the four band members playing music in his mind. With the help of a speech therapist and psychologist, the singing voices inside his head are eliminated, and for the first time in his life Tarlow can speak without singing.

Talk Like Singing represents an incredible collaborative effort with direction, script and lyrics by the talented Koki Mitani, composition and music direction by Yasuharu Konishi, and lead performance role performed by Shingo Katori.

Playwright and director Koki Mitani has created Okepi! and Good Night Sleep Tight, carefully balancing theater and music. Koki Mitani is also one of the most successful filmmaker in Japan. His representative works, Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald and The Magic Hour were highly acclaimed both in Japan and internationally. Talk Like Singing is his latest endeavor. Musician, composer, DJ and founding member of Pizzicato Five, Yasuharu Konishi has been said to have been a worldwide leader in the pop music scene. After Pizzicato Five, Yasuharu began to compose songs for filmmakers and prominent artists. He has become active as a producer, and his song composed for Shingo Katori, “Shingo mama no oha Rock,” was a record-breaking hit. Shingo Katori is a member of SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People), a chart-topping Japanese idol group. Shingo Katori has acted in several television dramas, variety shows, and films, and has lent his voice to anime. More recently, Shingo can be found acting in Japanese theaters. In Talk Like Singing he makes his international stage debut with Jay Kabira, Keiko Horiuchi and Shinya Niiro.

Co-presented by Tokyo Broadcasting System and Kyodo Tokyo

If you are interested, see HERE to order the tickets.
I can't go there NYC, but if you are living in US or neighbor country, it's a great chance to see his performance, and actually its tickets are so surprisingly reasonable(or rather, CHEAP)!!
On 6th, they announced that Masahiro Nakai in SMAP(36) is going to release 'private fashion photobook'.
His unique fashion sense is well known at his regular variety TV program 'Waratte Iitomo' and this is a book planned by this program, titled as '私服だらけの『中居正広増刊号』〜輝いて〜'('Masahiro Nakai Special Issue' full of private fashion ~shining~) published from Fusosha, and it will be released on 18th on his 37th birthday.

There are 126 private fashion photos in total.
They took his photos on every Tuesday when he finished working on 'Iitomo' program and was going to leave from the Studio Alta in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
They completely took him from January 2007 to June in this year, for 2 and half years.
As he is going to become 37 years old its price is 370yen, they don't care about its proceeds?

Nakai left a comments in his own way same as his fashion? "as it's cheaper than the highway expense in Tokyo and the first unit expense for taxi, please give up riding on the taxi for one more unit(to buy it). I'm fine even if you will just see at the bookstore".
"I'm fine if you don't use it as a text book but laugh while reading".
Will anybody try to learn from Nakai's fashion sense!?
(roughly translated from SANSPO.COM)
Venue: Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
Date: November 12(Thu), 2009(preview), November 13(Fri)-22(Sun), 2009

*Tickets would be sold by the theater(I mean, they don't sell through Family Club membership this time) that you can keep your eyes on the website of the theater.

I can't go there but I'm happy ^o^

And somehow I couldn't but laugh at the title for my former favorite Japanese pop music band is called 'SING LIKE TALKING' and their fan club was named as 'TALK LIKE SINGING'.^^;
So, after hearing rumor from [personal profile] cel, I've been wondering if the young Shingo can act the middle aged hairy guy Ryo-san, but it's finally confirmed, lol.

What are clarified until now:
- Shingo Katori as Kankichi Ryotsu
- Saturday 8pm in this summer, after Takuya's 'MR.BRAIN' will be finished.
- The cover of the latest Weekly Shonen JUMP magazine:
credit: mixi

Do they look alike? D:
For some reasons I went to Shibuya yesterday and while waiting my friend at Hachiko, I saw them and took photos.
Personally in this season I am watching only 1 drama, but somehow I am so looking forward to watching this drama!

No TV, but 木村拓哉!! )

And here is the collaborated stuff of this drama same as 'Karei(curry) pan' sold at 'Karei naru ichizoku'.
mr.brain brain training bread )
anan 特別編集 『 MR.BRAIN 』 PRESENTS 美人脳エクササイズ

Publisher: Magazine House
Price: 780yen(
Release date: May 23, 2009

Special photos and character explanation of Brain Scientist Ryusuke Tsukumo by Takuya Kimura, interview with gorgeous actors such as Hiro Mizushima and Kazuya Kamenashi, story highlight guide, off-shots of Kimura-san, zoom-up report at filming and so on, possible manias of "MR.BRAIN" have to have it.
In addition, there are 20 pages of special interview and portrait of Takuya Kimura.
And, we learn about the basic knowledge of the brain and its work.
There are the description of how-to get a boyfriend and the advice to turn your switch on to be into the love mode.
There are also enough volume of the brain training quiz!
Tokyograph reports:
"Viewership numbers for television dramas have been dropping across the board in recent years, but on Thursday they hit a new low for Fuji TV when the ratings for "Konkatsu!" were revealed.

The series, which stars Masahiro Nakai (of SMAP) and Aya Ueto, had its third episode aired on Monday. Ratings in the Kanto region amounted to just 9.4%, marking the worst ever performance for a show in Fuji TV's flagship "Getsu 9" time slot (Monday 9:00pm) since it was established in the late '80s.

Last season's "Voice," which starred Eita, dipped as low as 10.2% in its 9th episode. However, no "Getsu 9" series has fallen to single digits before now.

"Konkatsu!" started out at 16.3% for its premiere but dropped sharply to 11.2% for the second episode. Part of the decline may have resulted from the recent arrest of fellow SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. The group's show "SMAP x SMAP" (which goes on the air right after the "Getsu 9" time slot) also saw a significant drop last week after the arrest, and this past Monday it fell further to 11.2%, its worst ratings so far this year."


It is really sad, especially since Nakai hasn't been in a drama for a while. I suspect it really is because of the whole Tsuyoshi incident.

CM for Kimura Takuya's new drama

  • May. 7th, 2009 at 6:12 PM
Kimura Takuya has a new drama starting May 23.
He will play the part of Ryusuke Tsukumo, a neuroscience researcher affiliated with a National Police Agency laboratory. Although his skills help solve difficult cases, he has one flaw: he is generally "clueless to the situation" (better known by the slang term "KY," or "kuuki o yomenai"), leading to various comical interactions. In general, each episode will be a different case.

Kimura's assistant will be played by Haruka Ayase, while Hiro Mizushima will take on the role of a young cop. Other characters include the head of the lab (Mao Daichi), another detective (Teruyuki Kagawa), and a couple of researchers (Yuji Tanaka of Bakusho Mondai and Tortoise Matsumoto of Ulfuls). There will also be guest appearances by Gackt and Koyuki.

TBS plans to broadcast the drama in its Saturday 7:56pm time slot, which will be occupied by "God Hand Teru" starting April 11. "MR.BRAIN" will begin on May 23.



According to Tokyograph

"Tokyo prosecutors have reached a decision to not indict SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. The conclusion came only eight days after Kusanagi was arrested for public indecency, when he was drunk and naked late at night in Hinokicho Park near Tokyo Midtown.

Prosecutors based the decision on the fact that Kusanagi exhibited remorse and had no prior offenses on record. The crime itself was one that normally does not result in arrest, but police had arrested Kusanagi after he resisted and refused to put his clothes back on.

Kusanagi has mostly remained at home since his release on April 24. He, his management, and other SMAP members have offered multiple public apologies. Although there have been lots of negative reactions among the press, politicians, and his corporate sponsors, his fans have largely been supportive, with one survey demonstrating that 92% of the public was sympathetic.

Following the incident, Kusanagi was quickly pulled from advertisements and his regular TV roles. According to his management at Johnny's Jimusho, Kusanagi will likely be coming back quickly based on the positive fan response. A decision will be made after discussions with all concerned parties, though no specific timeline has been set.

In particular, it has been stated that Takashi Yamazaki's movie "Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta," which stars Kusanagi and Yui Aragaki, will be released on September 5 as planned. PR for the film has currently been halted, but it appears that Kusanagi will soon be able to resume promotional activities."

So it seems for once fans' voices have been heard.

Kimura Takuya's new movie, opening this summer.
Is anyone else looking forward to this?


  • May. 1st, 2009 at 7:38 PM

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